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Brain Balance Achievement Centers is collaborating with researchers  to test the program and continue to build a solid foundation of evidence that supports the effectiveness of the Brain Balance program.

Current and On-going Research

Below are descriptions and initial findings of two, independent research studies that are currently underway. Be sure to check back often, as we will continuously update this page with the latest findings.

Harvard University's McLean Hospital 

Harvard-CrestThe Brain Balance program is currently part of a research study being conducted by Harvard University’s McLean Hospital. The research study is focused on the impact of aspects of the Brain Balance program on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We are incredibly excited to share the preliminary findings of this ongoing research in the PDF below. As the Harvard University McLean Hospital team continues their ongoing research we will share additional findings as they become available.


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Cambridge Brain Sciences

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 CBS is currently working on research to further overall understanding of how challenges related to attention/focus, anxiety and development impact key aspects of cognition. The research will measure the impact that the Brain Balance program has on cognition based on the data currently being gathered at centers across the country.

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Brain Balance Program Research & Results 

For the past decade Brain Balance has been striving to answer the question, “how can I help my child do better; with focus, academics, behavior, anxiety and in friendships.” Read the PDF or click on the link below to see the 60+ research citing’s that support our integrative approach. In addition, we also share performance data and success stories. Learn More.


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