Brain Balance Achievement Center of Springfield Supports Children With Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD)

Helping Children Reach Their Goals in Springfield

Brain Balance Program has helped children throughout the country and in Springfield overcome their challenges through our whole-child approach that includes academic activities, sensory-motor training, nutrition plans, and at-home activities.

The Brain Balance Program efficiently works on improving developmental delays with your child based on the areas where we find the greatest need. The Brain Balance Achievement Center of Springfield will construct a comprehensive, individualized plan for your child that addresses their challenges based on the results of a personalized assessment.

Relief For Children With Asperger Syndrome

For parents looking for a service to help children with Asperger syndrome, look no farther than Brain Balance. Every program is customized to focus on the whole child and combines a series of in-center sessions, healthy eating, and at-home activities to provide positive reinforcement for kids with Asperger syndrome. Get in touch with our center to learn more.